How to get APMOA Training

All of our training is available to non - Adventist Conferences, as well as to Adventist Conference and/or Unions (world-wide).

The combined ("Basis" and "Advanced") Courses, or the "Community Ministries" Course can be conducted over a weekend, or at Camp Meetings. They can also be conducted separately.

If you want an APMOA Instructor to to conduct any of our Training Courses, or any of our Seminars, please contact us through our website.

Pastors of all local Churches (Adventist or non-Adventist) can also contact us about conducting a Weekend.

A weekend at Adventist Churches may include, if desired, a sensitizing Prison Ministry Sabbath Morning sermon. We'll then coordinate it through your Conference. (If you're in the North American Division, they Adult Ministries Department also does training.)

A weekend at a non-Adventist Church may include, if desired, a Friday Night Seminar ("Is God Calling You to Do This Ministry?") and a Prison Ministry Sensitizing Sunday Morning sermon.