How to get APMOA Training

All of our professional training is available to churches and organizations that are not affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist Faith, as well as to Adventist Conferences, Unions, and Churches (world-wide). 

The "Basis" Course can be done over a weekend at a church. Both Courses ("Basic"and "Advanced" can be combined and done at a Retreat or at a Camp Meeting. (We discourage taking the "Advanced" Course first.)

Other seminars (combined) can be done at a church, a Retreat, or a Camp Meeting.

A "Basic" weekend at an Adventist Church may include (if desired) the seminar "Is God Calling You To Do "Evangelism Behind Bars?" on Friday Evening, 2 of the "Basic" seminars on Sabbath Afternoon, and the last 6 "Basic" seminars on Sunday. A sensitizing Prison Ministry sermon (if desired) can be done, for the Worship period, on Sabbath Morning. We'll then coordinate it through your Conference.  

A "Basic" weekend at a non-Adventist Church may include (if desired) the same Friday Evening Seminar ("Is God Calling You to Do Evangelism Behind Bars"), as well as the 8 hour :Basic" Course on Saturday. A  sensitizing Prison Ministry sermon (if desired) can be done, for the Worship Service, on Sunday Morning.

Pastors of all local churches (non-Adventist or Adventist) can contact us about presenting any of our Training Courses/Seminars  by sending an email to: