Congratulations! You now have the opportunity to invest in a growing network of dedicated Prison and Jail Ministry volunteers, around the world, who are committed to “Building Community for Christ”.

Monte Sahlin, a leading advocate of unity and collaboration in Prison Ministry, describes "networking" as: "Connecting with individuals in a way that builds community and achieves mission”.

The Alliance of Prison Ministry Organizations and Affiliates (APMOA) officers and Board of Directors are serious about building a world-wide Prison Ministry collaborative Community (Network) that will be successful in achieving the collective mission of reaching incarcerated offenders, Returning Citizens, and families of prisoners, for Christ.

In order to build this Community, though, we need YOU and/or your organization to make an investment (become a member or make a donation) in APMOA.  

We are 100% financially supported by membership dues and donations (investments), as well as APMOA event registration fees and offerings. 

Why not consider making an investment in APMOA, today, by becoming a member or making a donation of $5.00 - $10.00 (or more)? If you choose to become a member, please complete an "Application for Membership" and mail it to us, along with your check or money order. If you do not have an application, let us know through the            " Contact Us" page on this website, We will promptly get one out to you. If you choose to make a donation, only, simply send a check or money order to our P.O. Box.

Click on the link "Why Invest In APMOA", on the side of this page, in order to learn more about investing in APMOA. For information about " Membership Categories and Benefits", click that link.