"Basic" Training Course

A.  Appropriate Inside Relationships: With staff and offenders 

B.  The 3 D's to Avoid Being "Set-Up": Do's, Don'ts, and Dress

C.  Effective Worship Services: Prayer to Preaching 

D.  Successful Bible Study Groups: A Proven Method

E.  Actively Listening to Offenders

F.  Hostage Situations: Understanding and Surviving Them  

NOTE: This "Basic Course" curriculum, as well as the ones for the related ministries of "Writing Safe Letters", "Re-entry", and "Ministry to Prisoners' Families" (all in the "Evangelism Behind Bars Manual") has been favorably reviewed by James A. Gondles, Jr.—Executive Director of the American Correctional Association (ACA), which sets the standards, and provides accreditation, for all State prisons in the USA.

                    "Guaranteed to Improve Your Ministry"