What We Do

  • We are available to conduct our 8 hour Evangelism behind Bars "Basic" Training and Certification Course (in English or Spanish), our 6 hour "Advanced” Course,or our related 4 hour “Community Outreach” Course (includes Re-entry, Family Support, and Transitional Houses) for Seventh-day Adventist entities, as well as to Non-Adventist organizations, on weekends. We are also available to conduct the combined 14 hour "Basic" and "Advanced" Courses on weekends and at camp Meetings. This training is "guaranteed to improve your Ministry".  
  • We will provide qualified speakers and certified trainers for Prison and/or Jail Ministry related events.
  • We will provide Seventh-day Adventist Conferences with FREE brochures* and  consultation services on how to establish "A Conference-wide Prison Ministry” organization and/or a complete "Conference-wide Pen Friend Program”
  • We will provide Seventh-day Adventist Conferences with FREE brochures* and related materials, to give to their Churches, on “Approaching Prisons and Jails” to gain access, and on “Establishing A Church-based Prison or Jail Evangelism Team”.
  • We hold an annual 4 day International Convention, where Prison and Jail Ministry volunteers, as well those interested in this Ministry, can learn up to date "Best Practices" training, as well as "Christ-centered" methods, from Chaplains, other Criminal Justice professionals, and certified Seventh-day Adventist trainers. Attendees also receive the latest information about new programs, policies, and current trends in Corrections. In addition, attendees enjoy praying, worshiping, and fellow-shipping together, while developing invaluable networking contacts. (Its "More Than A Convention - Its An Experience.") 

*This "Basic" Training Curriculum has been favorably reviewed by James A. Gondles, Jr.,- Executive Director of the American Correctional Association, which sets standards,  as well as provides accreditation, for all state prisons in the United States. (Everyone completing this training will be certified, by us, as a "Prison Missionary". Everyone completing both the "Basic" and "Advanced" Courses will be certified as a "Prison Evangelist").  

To get these brochures, with your Conference information on them, or detailed information information about all of our training, visit our "Contact Us" page on this website.